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Kurt and Rachel Friendship

They're more alike then we think (even though that's a horrible thing to say)

Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry Friendship Community
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Welcome to kurt_rachel, a community dedicated to the relationship and friendship between the characters Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry from FOX's hit TV show, Glee. This is a place for fiction, graphics, videos, meta discussion, news, general rambling comments about your undying love for these two, and miscellaneous awesomeness. We like to think of ourselves, here at kurt_rachel, to be pretty chill people, but like any comm, we've got our own rules. Here's the basics:
01. Please keep your posts on-topic. We love Blaine and Chord and Howard Bamboo, too, but there are other communities for that (and if there isn't, there should be – come on, Howard Bamboo!). This community is for anything Kurt- and Rachel-friendship-related (and information about the actors), be it fiction, artwork, icons, videos, or whatever wacky stuff you can come up with. If you're not sure whether or not your post falls under that category, ask a mod.

Note one: In the same vein, please make sure graphics posts with previews features either Kurt or Rachel in one of your previews. This makes it easier for your mods to make sure that each post is on-topic and belongs here. Happy mods make a happy comm.

Note two: This is a Kurt x Rachel friendship community. Please restrict yourself to stories about their friendship, only. This area is pretty gray – ask a mod, if you're not sure.

Note three: Similarly, we'll accept any pairings for Kurt, Rachel, or background characters, so long as the emphasis of your story/vid/art/whatever is on Kurt and Rachel's friendship.

02. NO BASHING. Of your fellow fen, of the work of your fellow fen, of any pairing or character or plotline. No exceptions. It's in all CAPS for a reason. If you want to squee over an excellent piece of work, that's great, that's encouraged. Negative attitudes are not welcome here. Please note, there's a difference between bashing and constructive criticism, and bashing and tongue-in-cheek poking-fun at a character or pairing. We're trusting you to know the difference. If you can't filter yourself, the mods will have to do it for you – and nobody likes that.

03. All spoilers must go behind a cut. Please indicate spoilers in the header you're using and maybe in the subject line, too, if you feel like it. Be considerate of those who can't always watch the new Glee episode the night it airs, and keep the general comm safe to browse.

04. The LJ-cut is your friend. NSFW-stuff, large images, spoilers, and stories all belong behind a cut. Remember to warn for the first three; it's never fun when someone gets a nasty surprise at work when their boss may or may not standing right behind them.

05. Please use an appropriate header while posting. We recommend using the following:


Feel free to add your name, author's notes, word count or whatever you like, but please make sure you keep the rating and warnings in there.

06. For those who post NC-17 materials (directly to the comm or linked to another journal), please set your entries in the community as Explicit Adult. If you don't know how to, check out our FAQ post here.

07. Tag your entries. If you're not sure how, ask a mod or check the how-to-tag post.

08. No messing with the basic settings of the comm. They're there for a reason. Don't code entries to change the comm's default color scheme, font, or other parts of our layout; aside from the fact that you have a couple of very pedantic mods lurking around that get snippy when things don't match, not everyone's in love with bright blue font on a purple background.

09. Don't link to posts f-locked on your journal, link to posts on your journal that will be f-locked in the near future, or turn off commenting if you create a post on the comm. We like being an open community, which means no locking out the newcomers who are shy about friending you or really have something they want to say.

10. Be sensible about the number of times you post. Remember, the “edit" button is your friend, especially if you have lots to say. Spamming the community only gets you cranky members and cranky mods.

11. If you have a community, challenge, meetup, meme, etc. to promote, contact a mod first. You can reach us via PM or through our 'Ask the Mods' post. Promo posts without one of the mod's approval will be deleted. Please add the line 'posted with mod's permission' (and state the username of the mod who gave the approval) so all the mods know you have received permission.

12. Check to see if a spoiler or newspost has already been posted before you type it up, please. If it's a duplicate, we'll have to delete it – which is a whole lot of effort wasted for everybody.

13. Please post all requests for betas/offers to beta at our beta request post, and not in a separate entry. It keeps the community streamlined and happy!

Failure to meet any of these rules will result in the deletion of your post/comment and in a temporary or permanent ban from this community. You may also be banned for: plagiarism, flaming other members or asking members to flame someone else, using racial slurs, ignoring the mods, and/or being an ass.